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Some clients


  • Domaine Gassier

  • Federation of Quebec Outfitters

  • Ondago

  • Granby Zoo

  • Bonnier Encyclopedia (Bonnier Publishing)

  • City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (environment)

  • Jacques-Cartier Watershed Corporation

  • City of Sainte-Catherine-de la Jacques-Cartier

  • Phoenix editions

  • Plume and Teal Editions

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada

  • Chenelière Education Inc.

  • Scholastic Canada

  • Dominique and Company

  • The North Pole cards

  • Professors, researchers and authors



About the artist

Native of the Bas-St-Laurent region, Caroline Bochud has exercised her talents as an illustrator and naturalist artist for more than 15 years, both in Quebec and internationally. After completing a bachelor's degree in biology and a certificate in illustration at Laval University, she founded Rainette Illustration in 2012. Her artistic company offers pattern creation services in youth, documentary and scientific illustration, mainly in the field of editing. Her clients include companies as diverse as the federation of outfitters of Quebec, the Granby zoo, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, watershed organizations, and Dominique et Compagnie. Since 2007, she has become a professional member of the association of illustrators of Quebec. Since 2006, she has participated in multiple individual and group exhibitions, notably in the network of the Canadian Institute of Quebec (network of libraries in Quebec City), in the Foundation for the preservation of speckled trout, the Duvetnor Society. Ltée, Ducks Unlimited and “Regard sur l'oie blanche” in Baie-du-Febvre.

When I was young, my favorite children's books were the ones with many small illustration details. A good example is Richard Scarry's “Best Word Book Ever” illustrations that still inspires me. My three young children also love this book.

I was born in a small town close to the Saint-Laurent River, near Quebec City, Canada in 1980. Since I'm 5 years old, I have always enjoyed drawing and being outside in the nature. My current hobbies are hiking and photography of seashore environment.

I first studied biology at university. I then built up a certificate in scientific illustration at the visual art faculty. My goal was to merge my two passions and tell the story of nature and sciences. As a nature artist, I have participated in Quebec various exhibitions. I primarily work with digital medium but always initiate my art from pencils sketches. I am also interested a lot in using pastels as a medium. My artwork reflects the variety of life and awareness for conservation. "Caroline bochud Design de Motifs" is recently my personal trademark, dedicated to develop products and gifts with nature on different surface design.












Caroline Bochud Design is a creative personalized artwork and digital illustrations, directed by a passionate of image and nature. An expertise of more than 13 years, resulting from a bachelor's degree in biology, then a  certificate in scientific illustration. In addition to the creation of new backgrounds decors for animation and patterns dedicated to the eco-responsible product market, the projects revolve around publishing, youth, science, advertising and also artistic outdoor maps. Professionalism, originality and accuracy are its greatest strengths.